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Poona Uniforms

Poona Uniforms is a trusted name in Uniform Industry since 1980. We are manufacturer and supplier of complete uniform package for different domain.
Poona Uniforms is abided by great experience and expertise in manufacturing unique, extraordinary uniforms for different streams. We make extraordinary designs by blending right concepts, colors, methods and fabrics which is later metamorphosed to extra ordinary uniforms. We have range of products waiting to be used by our valuable customers. We are specialized in different areas like School, Collage, Hospital, Industrial, Petrol Pump, Corporate, Hotel, Sports, etc.

Best quality printed uniform at affordable price!

Yes, We can do custom design.

Yes, We can show product demo?

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Quality Product

We never compromise with the quality of the attire as our main objective is to provide best product


We are very dedicated towards commitment of offering unique and suitable uniform to all our clients

Value for Money

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Value added Service

We are proudly proclaimed of serving many satisfied customers throughout the years across Pune & nearby cities

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